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2016 Grant Recipient Debuts Bookmobile!

Posted on: January 15th, 2018

In 2016, Impact awarded the Baldwin County Library Cooperative a $93,000 grant for a new bookmobile to service areas of Baldwin County not served by brick and mortar libraries. The bookmobile is about to hit the road and the ripple effect of our grant is about to be felt by more than 6,000 people each year!


To say that Liz Reed, Director of Baldwin County Library Cooperative in Robertsdale is thrilled about the recent arrival of their brand-new bookmobile would be a huge understatement. She is more than thrilled – she is “over the moon and on Cloud 9! … We couldn’t have done this without Impact 100.”

The bookmobile made its community debut at Impact’s recent membership drive event at Belforest Pointe. Decked out with graphics that depict different locales the Cooperative serves, the back of the bus also includes a large acknowledgement thanking Impact 100 for our grant. Local artist Daryl Evans designed the graphic wrap.

The Cooperative’s earlier bookmobile was 22 years old when the transmission went out in 2014. Unfortunately, it was soon determined that it would be too expensive to fix the bus, given the bookmobile’s age and condition. That started a 3-year quest to raise funds for a new bookmobile. It also marked the absence of a library in areas that had been previously serviced by the BCLC bookmobile.

It wasn’t until Liz applied for an Impact grant that their dream of reviving the bookmobile became possible. “Impact saved us. We’d been trying to replace our old bookmobile, but hadn’t been able to raise the necessary funds.”

The new bright, eye-catching bookmobile will be on the road shortly. Right now, library staff are working on scheduling and are loading up books that will soon be delivered to retirement centers, day care centers and to patrons in “out-of-the-way spots, like Little River.”

The ripple effect of our grant – being able to reach many people who do not otherwise have access to a library – will soon become obvious. More than 6,000 people will benefit each year. Children will have new books to read; senior citizens will have access to fresh reading materials; and people who used to rely on the bookmobile for computer access will finally be able to get back online.

The ripple effect of our grant will be felt in many different ways throughout Baldwin County far into the future and Liz wants you know how grateful they are. “Thank heaven for Impact 100. We are absolutely thrilled to have the new bookmobile and couldn’t have done it without Impact 100’s grant.”