About Impact 100 Baldwin County


Impact 100 Baldwin County is a community of women seeking to transform lives in Baldwin County by awarding high-impact grants to nonprofits in the areas of Arts, Culture, & Recreation • Education • Environment & Preservation • Family • Health & Wellness.


Impact 100 Baldwin County was established in 2008 by a group of women brought together by Irene Meehan, who had read about similar organizations in Cincinnati and Pensacola. That year, 82 members joined and Impact 100 awarded a single grant of $82,000. In 2020, Impact 100 awarded five grants of $90,000 each, bringing the total given to nonprofits serving Baldwin County to over $4 million!

We fund the grants by pooling the $1,000 donations from each of our members. This model of philanthropy is known as a giving circle, and its goal is to make a significant impact in the community through large grants to area nonprofits. Our goal is to reach 500 members each year, enabling us to give five $100,000 grants – one in each of the five focus groups.

The nonprofits apply for their grants in the following five areas: arts, culture, and recreation; education; environment and preservation; family; health and wellness. Our members volunteer to serve on committees to evaluate the grants and select finalists, and the entire membership votes to determine the recipients.

We are a nonprofit organization comprised of women with a desire to make a difference in the lives of others and to make Baldwin County a better place to live. Membership is open to all women who embrace these goals.

$4 Million and Growing!

Total Impact in Baldwin County since founding in 2008

It’s an honor to be involved with this group and I jump at the chance every year.

Lenise Ligon, member since 2018