Can anyone participate in Impact 100 Baldwin County?2020-11-09T17:13:37-05:00

Women over the age of 18 are eligible for membership. Anyone can participate by sponsoring a woman to be an Impact 100 voting member or by donating any amount to the administrative fund as well as offering in-kind contributions.

Can I make an in-kind donation of services or products to cover my $1000 membership donation?2020-11-09T17:13:28-05:00

No. Because we pay the grants in dollars, all membership donations must go directly to grants. However, we welcome in-kind donations to offset our administrative costs.

I want to give more than $1000. Do I get more than one vote?2020-11-09T17:13:19-05:00

Thank you! And, no. Every member gets one vote even if they give more than $1000. If you want to give more than $1000, please indicate how much you wish to donate to administrative funds. If you wish to give an additional $1000, you could consider offering a scholarship or sponsoring another woman to be an Impact 100 voting member.

If my employer has a matching program, will you accept this donation?2020-11-09T17:13:08-05:00

Yes, we gratefully accept employer matching gifts. If you are applying for such a match, please note this on the membership form and let us know if you will need documentation from Impact 100 in order to apply for the matching gift.

Will you accept gifts of stock?2020-11-09T17:12:59-05:00

We gladly accept stock donations for membership and administrative funds. Email Impact100BaldwinCountyNews@gmail.com to request a stock transfer form to begin the process.

If I want to set up a bank autopay, what is my impact 100 Baldwin County account number?2020-11-09T17:12:41-05:00

Members don’t have account numbers with Impact. If your bank or credit card asks for one, just put “[your name] Membership Dues” when asked for an account number. If you are asked for a phone number, give your own.

Can I pay in installments?2020-11-09T17:12:28-05:00

Yes. We want to make joining Impact 100 as easy as possible. Use the application form to tell us the amount and frequency of your payments and let us know if you will be paying by check or bank/credit card autopay. If we do not receive the full $1000 (plus any applicable processing fees) by the final March 31 deadline, your donations will be recognized as a tax-deductible donation, but you will not be a member for the year.

Can I pay with a credit card?2020-11-12T17:18:36-05:00

Yes, if you join online. Pay with a credit card or PayPal here. A 3% processing fee will be added automatically to the total when you use a credit card or PayPal.

Is my donation to Impact 100 Baldwin County tax-deductible?2020-11-09T17:12:03-05:00

Impact 100 is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

How are administrative expenses paid?2020-11-09T17:11:53-05:00

Our work is done by member volunteers and we have no paid staff. We pay administrative costs through funds gathered from:

  • Members making administrative donations in addition to their membership donation.
  • Spouses, friends and employers who choose to support the member and the organization through donations.
  • Employer matches, corporate sponsorships, and in-kind donations.
How much of my contribution goes toward grants versus administrative expenses?2020-11-09T17:11:42-05:00

A full 100% of your membership dues—each and every dollar—is awarded in grants to nonprofit organizations serving Baldwin County. Any donation over $1000 goes to administrative expenses.

If I can’t make a donation of $1000, is there a role for me?2020-11-09T17:11:29-05:00

We greatly appreciate donations of any size to our administrative fund. We use this fund to cover operating expenses and occasionally to supplement the grant fund. You can also give directly to the grant fund.

What is “Evergreen” membership?2020-11-12T17:18:57-05:00

Evergreen is a new program for us, beginning with our 2021 membership campaign. Evergreen members pledge to annually renew their membership, so we start each year able to count on a core group of continuing members and to focus our efforts on bringing in new members and building our grant pool. Evergreen members will receive invitations to special events, as well as recognition in the membership directory and on their nametags.

What are the membership obligations?2020-11-12T17:19:14-05:00

Your only obligation is your $1,000 donation. We hope you also vote to select the grant recipients. And we really hope you will consider sharing your skills and talents in any of a number of ways, including evaluating grant applications, graphic design, writing and editing, media relations, data entry, technology management, planning and/or hosting events, recruiting corporate sponsors, speaking to groups about Impact, reaching out to nonprofits, working on member relations, photography, videography, helping with done-in-a-day projects. We encourage you to get involved!

How does Impact 100 Baldwin County work?2020-11-09T17:10:36-05:00

Impact 100 awards high-impact grants to nonprofits in Baldwin County by:

  • Encouraging women to become members by donating $1000 each year into our grant pool.
  • Educating members about community issues and the nonprofits addressing those issues most effectively.
  • Soliciting and evaluating, via a thorough and rigorous review process, grant applications from nonprofits serving Baldwin County
  • Awarding as many high-impact grants as possible each year. The number of women who have joined by March 31 determines the number and size of grants we are able to award each year.

Every one of my one thousand dollars goes to grants – and that’s what I want to see.

Rachel Bailey, member since 2020
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