Membership Basics

Whether you want to simply write a check or become deeply involved, Impact 100 Baldwin County welcomes all women who want to make a difference, learn about philanthropy, and connect with other women actively creating a better community for all who live here.

Collective Giving

Your $1,000 membership contribution is pooled with other members’ contributions to fund grants that we award annually to Baldwin County nonprofits. Our goal is to award $100,000 grants in each of our five focus areas:  Arts, Culture & Recreation; Education; Environment & Preservation; Family; and Health & Wellness.

Every penny of your tax-deductible membership contribution is used for grants because we are an all-volunteer organization.


What are the membership requirements?

They are actually very simple…

  1. Be a woman over the age of 18, and
  2. Make your annual membership contribution of $1,000 by March 31. (Women who join after March 31 will be considered members the following year. In the meantime, they may participate in all activities except voting.)

What are my membership obligations?

While your only membership obligation is to make your $1,000 contribution by March 31, we hope that you will also vote to select grant recipients. Beyond that, the extent of your involvement is totally up to you. Since we are an all-volunteer organization, we rely on the time and talents our members can share with us. Consider getting involved in a committee whether membership, technology, communications or some other area; reviewing grants; attending events; or helping with one of our done-in-a-day projects.

What are the membership benefits?

The most important benefit is your awareness that you are improving lives in your community and making it a more vital, dynamic place to live. As a member you can:

  • Maximize your individual donation of $1,000 by turning it into a $100,000 investment in your community
  • Vote on where grant money is awarded
  • Become a part of a dynamic organization where you can build new connections, develop deep friendships and learn from other amazing women
  • Increase your knowledge of our community and the nonprofits who deliver vital services to the county
  • Enjoy a variety of exclusive private and public events, both social and educational, throughout the year including our big Celebration, the Annual Grant Awards, Just for Fun socials, and “Girlfriends Guide” informational programs
  • Relish mental and social stimulation by sharing your personal and professional talents and skills with us.

How do I join?

We offer two options, so use whichever one works best for you.

  • Online
    You may pay by check; credit card or PayPal (a 3% processing fee will automatically be added to your total transaction); bank autopay; our installment plan; gift of stock; or matching funds. As you complete the online form HERE, payment options appear.
  • USPS
    Please print HERE, complete a copy of the membership application and mail it to Impact 100 Baldwin County; PO Drawer 1903; Fairhope, AL 36533. You may pay by check, bank autopay, our installment plan, gift of stock, or matching funds.
Join Online

Every one of my one thousand dollars goes to grants – and that’s what I want to see.

Rachel Bailey, member since 2020