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How to Invite Someone to Join Impact 100

Posted on: March 1st, 2019

If you’ve been wondering how to ask someone to join Impact 100, here are two helpful articles about how to start the conversation.  The first one is by Wendy Steele, Founder of Impact 100.  The second one is more Baldwin County specific and written by Impact 100 member, Darlene Haas.  Both contain great information, so, after reading them, don’t hesitate…  Pick up your phone and make that call!  Need any more help?  Call or email Lucy Smith, Membership Chair, (719) 494-7986 or LRA28west@aol.com.

Tips for Starting the Conversation
by Wendy Steele, Impact 100 Founder

Picking up the phone as your membership sign-up deadline approaches can be difficult, but it’s an important part of growing your Impact 100 chapter.  Try these conversation starters if you’ve been putting off making those calls:

  • “It occurred to me that I haven’t shared this with you…”
  • “I want to tell you about Impact 100 and why I participate…”
  • “I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to tell you about Impact 100…”
  • I know that it will be as transformational for you as it has been for me…”
  • “I can’t believe I didn’t remember to talk to you about Impact 100.  Help me think, whom else should we talk to…?”

The MOST IMPORTANTpart of the story is what Impact 100 membership has meant to YOU!  Statistics tell us that we must hear something seven times before we really know it.  Look around the room at your next Impact 100 event and think about who is missing. Call them up and share your story. … Tell them they don’t even need to come to an event … all they need is a willing heart and a desire to jump into something that will change the world!  They don’t need any special skills.  (Impact) will provide everything they need to join this powerful movement. You are empowered to spread the word to everyone!  A personal ask makes a bigger impact!

and from Impact 100 Baldwin County member, Darlene Hass, here are more ideas about how to get the conversation started:

  • Let her know you’re sharing this information in the hope that she shares our vision for a better community and would like to join us.
  • Start with the basics:  Our dedicated mission is to award high-impact grants to local nonprofit organizations and to make a difference in the lives of those who need our help.  To-date, we’ve awarded over $3.1 million in grants to 30 organizations in our five focus areas:  arts & culture; education; environment, preservation & recreation; family; and health & wellness.
  • Let her know that the only requirement of being a member is that she makes her $1,000 tax-deductible membership contribution before March 31.  After that, she can be as involved as she wants to be.  Some members love to attend the social events. Some thoroughly enjoy serving as a member of one of our focus groups. And some members are content simply making their membership contribution and then voting on the grant finalists.  Each of us has different needs and different availability at different times, so any way she chooses to participate is more than welcome.
  • Tell her a little bit about your personal experiences and why YOU are a member.
  • Then ask her to consider our mission and join us.  We’re a group almost-500 members strong – women together making a difference!