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It’s Easy Being EVERGREEN

Posted on: December 2nd, 2020

Evergreen is a new program designed to recognize Impact members who agree to continually renew their membership every year. By knowing the number of returning members we can count on, we can focus on recruiting new members and keep our grant pool growing for the people of Baldwin County.

Evergreen members will receive several special benefits, including special Evergreen swag, a special nametag, special listing in the member- ship directory, and invitations to special events.

Declaring your commitment to be an Evergreen member is easy: Check the “Evergreen” box on your application and pay your $1,000 membership by March 1 each year. If your circumstances change and you can’t continue to renew in future years, just let us know. Your pledge is not a legal obligation, but a statement of your intention to continue to bring high- impact grants to local nonprofits.

• You commit to annually renew your Impact 100 membership by checking the Evergreen box on the Impact 100 application.

How Evergreen Works

• Until you let us know otherwise, in coming years you will be considered a renewed member and will receive an invoice in early December. You may pay your dues any time prior to March 1 of the membership year.

• You may choose to set up a recurring auto- pay from your bank, pay in one lump sum, or in installments throughout the year, as long as your full $1,000 is paid by March 1. You may also pay by check, credit card, or stock transfer.