Women Together

Making a difference in baldwin County

Application Process

Step 1

Is your non-profit eligible?

Step 2

Follow our application process to apply for a grant:

  • Attend our Grants Workshop (usually in March)
  • Submit a Letter of Intent
  • Submit a Grant Proposal  (a link to the online application portal will be sent to all who submit Letter of Intent)

Step 3

Applications are reviewed:

  • Focus group committees, composed of volunteer members of Impact 100,  read the applications, debate the merits of each, perform site visits and narrow their choices.
  • Finalist(s) are selected from each focus area by the focus group members who then write an Executive Summary of the proposal(s). This summary is mailed to the entire membership of Impact 100 prior to the annual meeting.
  • Representatives from each of the finalist organizations make a short presentation to Impact 100 members at the annual meeting.
  • Each Impact 100 member votes at the annual meeting, or by proxy or absentee ballot, to determine the grant recipients.

Step 4

Grants are Awarded: