Women Together

Making a difference in baldwin County



We fund the grants by pooling the $1,000 donations of our members. Our goal is to reach 500 members each year, enabling us to give a $100,000 grant in each of the five focus areas.

  • Arts, Culture and Recreation: Initiatives that cultivate, develop, and enhance the cultural, artistic and recreational climate of Baldwin County.
  • Education: Initiatives that further the educational process or improve access to education for children and/or adults in the Baldwin County area.
  • Environment and Preservation: Initiatives that will restore, preserve, revitalize or enhance the surroundings of the Baldwin County Area.
  • Family: Initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families living in the Baldwin County area.
  • Health and Wellness: Initiatives that improve the mental and/or physical well-being of people living in the Baldwin County area.

Our members volunteer to serve on committees to evaluate the grants and select finalists, and the entire membership votes to determine the winners.

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