Impact 100 Baldwin County

Ten Grant Finalists Announced!

Impact 100 Baldwin County has named the ten finalists in its 16th year of transformational grant giving. The organizations and projects by category are: 

Arts, Culture and Recreation:

  • Baldwin Pops, Inc. - “Funding the Beginning of Music…1,2,3”
  • GIrl Scouts of Southern Alabama- “Outdoor Adventure Park at Camp Sid Edmonds”

Environment & Preservation:

  • Mobile Baykeeper, Inc. - “Oyster Garden Project” 
  • The Nature Conservancy in Alabama. - “Coastal Tech: Technology & Signage to Protect Baldwin County”


  • Baldwin County Education Coalition, Inc. - “Expansion of Palm Project” 
  • SHORT the Squirrel - “Expansion of SHORT the Squirrel to Baldwin County”


  • Family Promise of Baldwin County - “The Barn” 
  • Youth-Reach Gulf Coast - “Equipment to Empower”

Health & Wellness:

  • Prodisee Pantry, Inc.. - “Cultivating Healthy Options in a Food Desert”
  • Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation - “Mental Health Supports for Collegiate and Working Adults” 

The finalists were selected from applications reviewed by Impact 100 Baldwin County’s focus groups in each category. 

Impact 100’s annual meeting “Evening of Impact” is scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd at the Daphne Civic Center. The finalists from each focus area will present their unique projects to Impact members at the meeting. The members will vote, and the organizations that will receive $105,000 each will be announced that night. The event also kicks off the 2024 membership drive.